Doozoon API

Doozoon supports a REST API for todo list tasks.

Accepts a user name and password and returns JSON data that includes the login cookie token as well as user preferences.


Returns a JSON formatted list of tasks for the logged in user


A list of tasks. Each task may have the following fields:

Saves a task


If more than one task needs to be saved, multilpe task parameters may be used on a single call.

The only required field in a task is the name. If the created field is not present, a new task will be created. The modified field must match the value currently stored on the server to be able to update an existing task. To delete a task set the status to “DELETED” and store it.


A JSON array of results, one for each submitted task. Each has:

Example using cURL

# fetch the login cookie
login=`curl -s --data-urlencode "user=USER@EXAMPLE.COM" --data-urlencode "pass=PASSWORD" | grep -oE 'login[^"]+'`
echo "login=$login"
# fetch a list of tasks
curl -s --data-urlencode "login=$login" ''
# create a new task
curl -s --data-urlencode "login=$login" --data-urlencode 'task={"name":"This is the name of a new task"}' ''