Compare Doozoon to is todo list software that is similar to Doozoon. Both allow users to create tasks and check them off when they are done.

Free Yes NO
Mobile Yes NO
Drag & Drop Yes Yes
Import & Export Yes NO
Raise priority closer to due date Yes NO
Recurring tasks Yes NO
Recur after last done Yes NO
Easy to add tasks Yes Yes

Price costs $3 per month for the PRO version which has features such as notes that are included in Doozoon for free.


The website is not optimized for mobile. The site does not fit the screen. They have an iPhone app, but Android users are out of luck.

Import and Export does not have any export capability. Any data you enter into it is difficult to get back out.

Priority allows you to set a due date, but it does not automatically prioritize tasks for you when they have a due date.

Recurring tasks does not have recurring tasks at all.