Compare Doozoon to Tracks

Tracks is todo list software that is similar to Doozoon. Both allow users to create tasks and check them off when they are done.

Doozoon Tracks
Free Yes Yes
Mobile Yes Yes
Drag & Drop Yes NO
Import & Export Yes NO
Raise priority closer to due date Yes NO
Recurring tasks Yes Yes
Recur after last done Yes Yes
Easy to add tasks Yes NO

Download vs Login

Tracks is downloadable software that you need to set up on a server. Doozoon is available to use just by registering with an email and password. No downloads or server software setup is required. There are sites that have open Tracks websites, but they are often running very old versions of the software or not reliable.


There is no “tickler” in Doozoon. Instead of putting upcoming tasks on a separate page, Doozoon just shows them further down the page.


Tracks has no concept of priority. Tasks are ordered by how recently they were created except that tasks with a due date are sorted first by due date. Doozoon sorts tasks by priority and re-prioritizes tasks that are due soon.

Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks are easier in Doozoon. Any task can be made into a recurring task. In Tracks, recurring tasks are managed on a separate page.

Doozoon also has a simpler user interface for recurring tasks. In Tracks you need to read the manual to know what “the date todo comes from tickler (no due date set)” actually does. It actually means that the due for the next task is set based on when the last task was completed. (A feature which Doozoon supports, but names more appropriately.)

Import and Export

Tracks does not have working import and export functionality. Their “YAML” export is the only export which contains all your data, however Tracks cannot import its own YAML export. Doozoon imports and exports full JSON data.

Extra required fields

Tracks requires that each task have a “context”. This slows down task creation considerably. Doozoon does not have a concept of a context. Instead there is a search feature that allows you to see only tasks that contain a keyword.